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How to sell a house is all about helping you get the best price for your home. 

In the ever changing property market one thing remains the same. The value of your property is dictated by it's location, size and condition.

In fact 60% of the total price of your property is based on it's size and condition and whilst we can't change its location we can help make the most of what you are bringing to the market.

When it comes to marketing, how your property is presented and where will dictate not just how many viewings you get but the quality of those viewings and the type of offers you receive.

We have a saying

Poorly Presented Properties Get Low Offers Or No Offers

So if you can't get hold of Phil Spencer or don't want loads of cameras invading your privacy ... we're the next best thing.

Our consultations are low cost, effective and a great way to setting you on the path to getting the best price for your most valued asset.i